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Working late at South Harbour

Warrah Workshop started life at South Harbour as an old stable built in the 1950s. We wanted to keep the building but it had seen better days.

Renovating  and modernising the building took some time.  With help from friends, family and neighbours, we stripped the building back to the timbers and rebuilt.

The main part of the stable is now the stockroom and still has the old slopey floor (originally for drainage).  The gear shed is now the main embroidery room, and the "cart store" houses the power supply and part of the stock room.  We enclosed the inner "U" of the stable yard which now provides printing and packing space.

We are 180 miles from paved roads and completely "off-grid".  Power is supplied by wind turbine and solar panels (with occasional help from a diesel generator).  The sun & wind power is pumped into a large battery for storage, then pulled out on overcast, calm days.

The workshop now provides full-time and part-time work for several 'Westers'.

From workshop construction, to order fulfilment - here's a glimpse of what goes on at Warrah Workshop.




Take a minute to see an embroidery machine at work.


15 Minutes @ Warrah Workshop - in 30 seconds!