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We offer direct to garment embroidery on our range of stocked garments using top of the range Barudan embroidery machines. 


We now operate 6 of these machines ("Faith" is some 25 years old, while "Roku" is a youthful 1 week old) in the workshop, each of which has 15 needles, meaning logos can have up to 15 colours. 


The whole team consists of: "Faith", "Hope", "Charity", "Desperation", "Seymour", and "Roku". They represent some 5 generations of Barudan embroidery machines. And every one of them, to this day, work wonderfully well decorating and personalizing everything from winter hats to XXXXXL polo-shirts.


We have a large selection of designs on file which we can apply to garments.  


Have you ever seen an embroidery machine at work ? (this video is 1 minute long, and is ~6Mb in size)


15 Minutes @ Warrah Workshop (this video is 35 seconds long, and is ~3Mb in size)